Working together seeking a specific goal..

John Orem for Sheriff

Whenever you have a collection of great minds working together seeking a specific goal, the process of that inclusiveness produces a unique insight with a better understanding, which in-turn produces better targeted results. That said, I believe the most effective way to go about this is to include as many county citizens as possible in the process of creating the kind law enforcement this county needs.

“Great minds discuss ideas.. average minds discuss events.. small minds discuss people.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

It is my intention to always actively listen to any problems local citizens have with our local law enforcement. By analyzing the underlying issues that create or support the problems, real solutions can be found. Using this approach allows the citizens themselves to assist in building a Sheriff’s department responsive to specific needs within the community. Together everyone achieves more..

That is called real community policing.

I know Berkeley County has many “great minds”. Intelligent, forward-thinking residents interested in change. So please assist me in helping you by letting me know of any problems that exist on your street or in your neighborhood. Explain to me the issues you are having with law enforcement. Your input will help to provide a portion of the data I need to begin making effective change a reality.

My first impulse was to open this page to public comment then realized that could affect a persons willingness to share information. I can appreciate that.. so if you have a problem with law enforcement, an idea or suggestion, specifically related to the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Department, please take the time to use the contact form below or follow the link to the form on our website.

I will personally respond to your concerns and keep all communications and information confidential. Thank you for your help!

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