What I intend to accomplish as your Sheriff..

I intend to accomplish many things during my term as Sheriff.

Important things that will create a cohesive and productive Sheriff’s Department that Berkeley County residents can be proud of. To accomplish these things however I must first address the most important issue the department faces, and that is the pervasive number of employees and sheriff deputies that are either uninspired and/or underappreciated.

Under my leadership all personnel and administrative issues within the department will be a very high priority. Employees and deputies will be 100% appreciated, properly motivated, treated as valued team members and acknowledged for the important work they do.

I will maintain a 24/7 open-door policy for all department personnel. I promise to always listen intently and respond effectively to deputy and employee concerns. I will also follow through and act diligently on the valued ideas and suggestions employees provide so we can better address valid personnel issues and the systemic internal problems that continue to plague the department.

I will bring back the daily call reporting and make it available to the public so people can see where the deputies are providing service and the type of service provided.

I will publish the Sheriff’s Office budget annually on the Departments website. The annual budget will be as detailed as possible including all salaries, office’s expenses and revenue sources. Citizens have the right to know how tax dollars are spent.

Under my leadership the department will provide each deputy a promising future in law enforcement. I intend to initiate a career training program based on the interests, ambitions and desires of each individual. With personal growth and job advancement opportunities available, employees are better able to consider making law enforcement a life-long career.. and not just a short-term job.

As stated at the beginning of this post, “I intend to accomplish many things during my term.” In addition to the various internal department administrative initiatives mentioned above there are several other important issues that I addressed individually in my previous posts. Below is a brief summary of each with a quick-link to access the entire post.

On the subject of selecting a Chief Deputy. Serving as a Chief Deputy is an important position that in my opinion requires law enforcement experience and organizational skills, along with the ability to work with others to create a cohesive work environment. I will promote from within the ranks of the Sheriff’s Office. ..read more

I believe we should continuously advance new methods to apply proven technology. I will seek the public support necessary to implement the use of mobile apps designed to connect entire communities with deputies in the field. ..read more

I strongly believe the Sheriff’s Department should equip our deputies with Narcan, a life-saving medication. If elected it is my intention to initiate a program that would provide every Berkeley County Deputy in the field with this valuable tool. ..read more

Reduce drug trafficking and drug related crime.. by continuing to work closely with all law enforcement agencies, using aggressive interstate interdiction, working with the newly formed Narcotics Intelligence Unit and The Violent Crime Task Force. ..read more

Work with victims of addiction.. by vigorously employing the use of the drug courts and alternative sentencing options. Work with outreach programs, rehabilitation centers, home confinement and day reporting agencies. ..read more

Improve on current methods to reduce crime.. by providing advanced training for deputies and allowing officers to fully work a crime scene. Expand the use of technology and social media apps for citizens to report community crime. ..read more

Protect the children of our community.. by creating a bullying prevention program, designed to reduce bullying and child victimization. Taught to middle school students by qualified teachers with guidance and support from a bullying prevention program advisory board. ..read more

Seek fiscal responsibility and accountability.. by insisting on departmental financial transparency while maintaining an open door policy and apply the hands-on supervision necessary for all daily activity. ..read more

Seek new opportunities to contract our deputies for private functions.. by finding new sources of revenue to supplement the Sheriffs discretionary fund that will ultimately help reduce the tax burden on our community. ..read more

Continue to build up our Deputy Reserve program.. by growing the current reserve program, providing advanced training and giving existing reserve deputies the recognition they deserve. ..read more

Apply strict guidance to address budgetary concerns.. by making the budget a priority, initiating a line-by-line audit, implementing competitive bidding and applying a ‘use vs need’ scale with every vendor. ..read more

Work closely with the County Assessor’s Office.. identifying individuals not paying their fair share, such as permanent residents using out-of-state registration to avoid paying local tax. ..read more

Streamline the Tax Office.. implement acceptable, cost-cutting practices and modern proven technology while significantly increasing productivity. ..read more

Find new solutions to fix the ongoing issues at Animal Control.. building is too small for what it does, in need of supplies, equipment, updated vehicles and a morale boost. Our dedicated officers at Animal Control are doing the best they can with what they have.. I believe we can do better. ..read more

I believe all police officers have a primary obligation to protect and to serve the community. During my time with Martinsburg police we were taught the ‘art’ of community policing. It works under the premise that a police force should be designed to function as a valued integral part of a community. That seemed like a smart and achievable concept to me. ..read more

By doing these things I intend to create the cohesive and productive sheriff department. I promise to serve every citizen in this community fairly and equitably, and make their problems my problems. We are all in this together, and TOGETHER we can make Berkeley County Sheriff’s Department the best sheriff’s department in West Virginia. ..read more

I will always respect and honor our Sheriff Deputies for their tireless effort, professional contribution and daily heroism.

Make effective change a reality.. vote John Orem for Sheriff. Thank you!