Represent ALL the taxpayers of this county..

If elected I promise to serve every citizen in this community fairly and equitably.

Sheriffs are sworn peace officers with the power to make arrests, serve before a magistrate or judge, serve warrants and write a ticket or citation. The exact role of a each sheriff varies from state to state and county to county. In many smaller towns a sheriff is likely to carry out some law enforcement duties just as any police officer. In larger municipalities the sheriff is primarily an administrator.

The Sheriff of Berkeley County is an administrative position specifically designated to manage and allocate resources, delegate responsibility, guide the department and interact with the public. The sheriff is not expected to make arrests or do investigations. The sheriff’s function is to make sure everyone carries out their duties with integrity.

As sheriff I will implement a community policing strategy. A proven strategy that enlists local neighborhood groups to assist in preventing crime. The National Neighborhood Watch Program is a program sponsored by the National Sheriffs’ Association. It is a great example of how policy can allow citizens and law enforcement to work together, developing strategies specific to neighborhood needs.

Thank you for your consideration.