Support Deputies and improve Deputy Reserve program..

As Sheriff I will seek new opportunities for our deputies to work private functions.

Finding new opportunities for our deputies to work private functions will not only financially benefit deputies, it will also supplement the Sheriff’s discretionary fund providing needed funds and help reduce the tax burden on our community.

In today’s world, having armed law enforcement protect private functions is more important and more needed than ever. It would benefit the community to have at least one contracted and armed LE available at all large private functions.

Personally, I would much rather have professional LE protecting my family at a church function or any large private gathering.. and that says a lot considering I own and operate a private security firm. There is nothing better than the real thing..

I will also continue building up our current Deputy Reserve program.

The Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office offers a Reserve Deputy Program for citizens in our community. The program is open to all citizens who wish to volunteer their time enhancing the sheriff department through personal service.

Reserve Deputies are an invaluable asset to our department that does not always get the respect and support it deserves.  Volunteer citizens supplement the departments full-time employees and deputies by providing a variety of duties from crowd and traffic control to internal office help.

Upon appointment, volunteers are issued Reserve Deputy badges and provided departmental issued uniforms, proper safety gear and other equipment needed to perform their duties.

The program can be beneficial for a vast range of people in our community. An opportunity for those interested in a career in law enforcement to gain valuable, first-hand experience.

The program also allows retired law enforcement officers to continue working in the field without the time constraints of a full-time position. Reserve deputies, especially retired officers or those seeking a career, could possibly assist in other areas within the department such as reviewing cold cases.

Berkeley County Reserve Deputies will be recognized as a well-trained, respected and dedicated group of citizens.  As with all good deeds, they will be well rewarded with the recognition of service and the fulfilling experience of helping and protecting fellow citizens.