Make the Sheriff’s Office transparent and accountable..

My personal promise is to make Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office transparent and accountable.

County residents deserve clear and concise information that explains in detail how the department spends money. Transparently releasing that information to the public builds trust. It also allows everyone to understand exactly where and how tax money is spent. Making this data available to the citizens is important so that everyone can make informed, data-driven decisions.

I will release the Sheriff’s Office budget annually on the departments website. That data will include all salaries, revenue and expenditures. The budget will be as detailed as possible, specifying all office’s expenses and revenue sources. People have the right to know exactly how their tax dollars are spent and I believe all local government agencies should be open and transparent.

Trust between the community and the department is built through open communication. Having a Sheriff that openly communicates with the community is very important and helps for a better understanding of current needs. I will stay connected and communicate regularly using social media and town hall type community meetings. I will also expedite open-records request procedures.

Citizens deserve a Sheriff that truly cares about the department, the county and every citizen that calls Berkeley County home. I believe it is a sheriff’s honorable and sworn duty to serve and protect everyone in the entire county.

As your Sheriff I promise to be upfront and accountable. All personnel within the department will be held accountable as well. Responsibility and accountability matter in life, especially when administering a public office that relies on public funding.