Selecting a Chief Deputy..

The Sheriff is the publicly elected leader of the Sheriff’s Office. The Sheriff will typically appoint a Chief Deputy to stand as a second in command. I believe that the selection of a Chief Deputy is an extremely important procedure and should be based on ability and qualifications, not friendship or political favor.

My reasoning for this is simple. Serving as a Chief Deputy is an important position that in my opinion requires law enforcement experience and organizational skills, along with the ability to work with others to create a cohesive work environment.

A Chief Deputy works directly with the Sheriff. Coordinating, developing and implementing policy, interpreting and enforcing procedure, preparing departmental reports, dealing with internal issues and evaluating staff.

A Chief Deputy assists the Sheriff in the preparation and management of the budget, coordinating efforts and activities with federal, state and local law enforcement, working with correction agencies and developing emergency response procedures.

As you can see.. a Chief Deputy is a very important position. Some of my political opponents have already announced the Chief Deputy they will be bringing in should they be elected. In my opinion, some of these selections will cause discord in an already strained department. I will promote from within the ranks of the Sheriff’s Office.

I will be considering many factors before making that decision. Included are the valued opinions of the office staff and current deputies that have interacted with these officers for years. Their personal experiences working closely with different officers gives them a unique perspective. Officers will also be reviewed for complaints, awards or accomplishments.

I promise to consider carefully before appointing a Chief Deputy. Then select an experienced and deserving officer. A deputy who is qualified, a positive force for the community and a perfect match for the position. I look forward to serving as your new Sheriff.