Protect the children of our community..

John teaching a class on safety and trusting the police in 2012.

I do not believe there is anything more important than shielding innocent children from harm. I do believe this county has a moral obligation to do everything possible to protect our children. I promise to do my best to protect ALL the children in our community.

As sheriff I would create a bullying prevention program, designed to reduce bullying and child victimization. This program would involve small groups of interested teachers, supportive parents and student leaders working together focused on a specific goal.

That goal is to raise awareness. Many times children do not realize they are being bullied until it reaches an intolerable level. With one small but effective group in every school we would provide positive support while teaching our children how to identify, confront and report bullying.

Designed to teach kids how to identify common bullying tactics and proven methods to confront such tactics using an approved curriculum. Taught to all middle school students by qualified teachers with guidance and support from a bullying prevention program advisory board.

Upon completion of the program a uniformed Berkeley County Sheriff’s Deputy will provide student certificate’s while also delivering a professional presentation from a law enforcement standpoint on why it is so important to confront bullying and report victimization.

A law enforcement supported bullying prevention program intended to make it possible for all children to enjoy learning and function better in and out of school. The advisory board would consist of select interested teachers, supportive parents and student leaders chosen from individual school groups around the county.

I do not believe bullying is just a coming-of-age ritual that some children must learn to endure. Bullying is an insidious form of violence that slowly creates a climate of fear and intimidation. That fear and intimidation creates a barrier for children already struggling to learn.

Bullying is not the only crime against children our county suffers from. The program could be adjusted to include a drug awareness class and victimization classes. If elected as Berkeley County Sheriff, I will do my best to make sure our children are taught the proper life skills needed to prosper in school and in life.