Property and petty crimes considered unimportant..

Property crimes and petty crimes are sometimes considered unimportant. The truth is they are extremely important.. and need to be responded to faster, better investigated and properly followed-up on. These ‘lesser’ crimes might not get as much headline attention as major crimes but in all actuality they negatively affect our communities much more than most headline crimes.

Property crimes.. affect everyone with higher taxes and diminished property value (value of your home based on local crime indicators). especially now when online crime statistics based on neighborhoods are easily available.

Petty crimes.. such as theft and shoplifting should be considered a loss of value to a community. Any crimes that affect local businesses also affects the community.

A high volume of property and petty crime drives property values down for everyone. Who wants to live in a neighborhood plagued with high occurrences of theft or personal property vandalism? I suggest that it is not 100 people committing 100 crimes, but more likely 10 people committing ten crimes each.

I promise if elected, that when you call a Berkeley County deputy for a ‘small’ property or petty crime, you will get the time and attention it deserves. There will be no more ” Here is a report number for your insurance” and then the deputy leaves.

Deputies will investigate, take evidence and follow up. It is just as important to the community and the homeowner to catch then prosecute these “10 people committing ten crimes each” just the same as we investigate and prosecute major crime.

Additionally as I specified in an earlier post on crime..

“We need all Berkeley County neighborhood groups to feel comfortable working directly with law enforcement, to help develop and implement specific policing practices for their area. I will seek support to implement mobile anonymous apps designed to connect entire communities, monitored by deputies in the field.

By inviting input from the community, we can improve real time crime reporting techniques that make the department more responsive. Using any technology intended for citizens to report community crime in real time.. only works if there is a quick follow-up or an immediate response.”

I will seek the necessary funding if required to deploy this proven technology. An app specifically designed by the community based on the law enforcement needs within the community. That will require input from that community. Providing this app to all residents in the county would assist in bringing communities together, to fight back against all crimes that affect their neighborhood.