Low morale and how to fix it..

The Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office needs a leader with long-term vision and mission oriented management goals. Old style management techniques – the carrot and the stick – need to be replaced with modern techniques that value individual employee contribution.

The Sheriff’s office has many qualified people.. but internally employee morale is low. This can be attributed in part by the lack of proper motivation. When the proper motivation is provided employee morale within the department should steadily improve.

Proper motivation must satisfy three basic human desires: Autonomy, which is the desire to direct ones own life; Mastery, the desire to continue to improve at something that matters to them; and Purpose, the desire to do things that serve a purpose or in the service of something larger than themselves.

To be successful, a team leader you must listen to and act on each employees behalf. A good leader will make sure all employees have the opportunity to grow in their chosen profession. A wise leader must always delegate responsibility thoughtfully, and ensure that every employee is recognized as a valued asset in the organization. A smart leader must see the value in every employee.

What would I do as Sheriff to improve morale? All of the above!

To start with, I would sit down with every employee within the first 100 days to listen to their concerns, ideas and suggestions. During this meeting I will also discuss how each employee feels about their current position within the department and where they hope to take their career in the future.

I would also seek to initiate a career development program that is focused on career advancement through continued education and specialized training. By expanding career opportunities employees become self motivated, which in turn builds morale and creates a cohesive working environment.

The old way of managing people is not conducive to maintaining high morale. The Sheriff’s office is set up in an autocratic top-down management style, so once a competent leadership team is put in place that understands mutual trust, open and honest relationships and transparency, the organization will steadily improve.

The problem with the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Department morale is there is no accountability for proper motivation. Accountability for proper motivation and morale issues should always start at the top, and those people at the top should always be held accountable.