John Orem for Sheriff 2020

I am pleased to announce that I am seeking the office of Berkeley County Sheriff.

“With the love of my family and friends, and the support of the good citizens in this county, I have made the decision to run for Sheriff of Berkeley County. Using a modern mindset guided by a strong moral compass, I intend to make 2020 the year that will finally bring unity, fairness and transparency to the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Department.” Read more..

I believe to be a good Sheriff you must be a strong and capable leader. Strong enough to establish trust and integrity within the department and capable enough to strategically lead that department into the future.

“As a local businessman, I have had the honor of employing hundreds of honest, hard-working people. During that same time, I found myself working closely with a variety of businessmen, general contractors, interstate agencies and state/federal bureaucrats as is always required to get things done in business. Literally hundreds if not thousands of those real-life experiences at “getting things done” that would serve me well as Sheriff.” Read more..

As your Sheriff, I promise to lead the Sheriff’s department into a new era of true community policing. An era in which law enforcement is positively engaged within the community, dedicated to eliminating conditions that cultivate crime.

  • The office is about the citizens we serve throughout the county.
  • The office is about providing a law enforcement agency those citizens can trust.
  • The office is about responding to the needs of the community with a genuine desire to improve their quality of life.

Our community must come together to solve our problems in a proactive manner.

“As a hardworking, tax-paying resident of Berkeley County for over 35 years, a retired Martinsburg Police Officer with ten years of law enforcement experience and a successful businessman for twenty plus years, I know I have the life experiences that are needed to be an effective Sheriff for Berkeley County.” Read more..

Open our minds to new ideas and always thinking outside of the box. This county needs a Sheriff with the experience and vision to lead combined with the organizational skills and track record to get it done. It is with a full appreciation of the responsibility that comes with the job that I am announcing my candidacy for Sheriff of Berkeley County.

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