Improve the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Tax Office..

I know the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Tax Office employees are dedicated to serving the local community. It is the most publicly active local government office in the county serving thousands of citizens every year.

The Tax office is responsible for the billing and collecting of taxes and is primarily visited for making payment of those taxes. In addition the office maintains lien holder statements, issues concealed weapon permits, offers motor vehicle license renewals, and manages conservator and estate accounts.

County taxes pay for everything the county needs to function properly, from basic infrastructure to agencies and programs that provide services to local residents. Our residents and businesses actually depend on the tax office to collect monies this county needs. By listening to the concerns of county residents and businesses we can create a fully-functioning, people-oriented local county tax office.

Taxpayers also have busy schedules and their needs are important. In today’s world residents expect online access for paying bills and accessing information. Citizens expect and deserve the most advanced and secure technology when conducting financial business.

The county’s current website allows the tax office to provide online information that is accessible and convenient with 24 hour access. I believe that digital dinosaur can be improved upon, updated to be more user friendly while adding additional services for taxpayers.

As your Sheriff.. I will work diligently with Tax Office personnel to develop a responsive, user friendly and cost effective office that will implement modern, acceptable, cost-cutting practices while significantly increasing productivity. I will also work closely with the County Assessor’s Office,  identifying permanent residents using out-of-state registration to avoid paying local tax.