Time to decide.. Vote for John Orem Sheriff of Berkeley County May 12, 2020

Hello, my name is John Orem..

With the love of my family and friends, and the support of many good citizens within this county, I have made the decision to run for Sheriff of Berkeley County once again. Using a modern mindset guided by a strong moral compass, I intend to make 2020 the year that will finally bring unity, fairness and transparency to the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Department.

I have lived in Berkeley County since 1982. I am very happily married to the love of my life and have been blessed with five sons, two of them still live with us at our home in Inwood, West Virginia. I have literally spent my life in Berkeley county..

After graduating from Martinsburg High School in 1986, my first job was with the United States Postal Service. In 1990, I accepted an invitation to join the Martinsburg City Police Department. This required my graduation from the West Virginia State Police Academy. Following graduation, I spent the next nine years working as a Martinsburg Police Officer.

Unfortunately, in late 1999, I was forced to retire due to an injury which made it impossible to continue in the field of law enforcement at that time. Following a painfully long recovery process, I began forging a new career learning all I could about real estate and building a local property acquisition business.

Knowledge, hard work and perseverance has grown that unplanned career change into a successful local real estate company, a property acquisition and management business, an interstate security protection/guard service and a multi-state bail bonding company. I also hold active licenses as a real estate broker in three states and carry property/casualty insurance agent licenses in four.

Each of my businesses are currently managed and operated by reliable managers. If elected, it is my intention to turn the day-to-day operations over to those managers, devoting 100% of my time to my duties as Sheriff.

Successfully operating multiple businesses simultaneously speaks to the level of organization and management skills I have acquired and set into practice over the years. I know how to apply those skills within the department, creating a cohesive work environment that not only encourages team spirit but builds out trust from within. Respect for all within the department is crucial for good teamwork to prosper, and extremely necessary to properly manage any large organization.

As a local businessman, I have had the honor of employing hundreds of honest, hard-working people. During that same time, I found myself working closely with a variety of businessmen, general contractors, interstate agencies and state/federal bureaucrats as is always required to get things done in business. Literally hundreds if not thousands of those real-life experiences at “getting things done” that would serve me well as Sheriff.

An important part of my life’s philosophy has been accessing specialized training and education. By taking advantage of night classes, seminars and online courses. I have studied business management, administrative and operational strategies, team building and leadership courses, participated in critical incident preparedness and emergency hazmat management.

A life member of the NRA and a passionate supporter of the Constitution and the Second Amendment. I have always worked hard at staying in good physical condition. I have had survival and tactical training and I am a DCJS certified security training officer and a NRA firearms instructor.

Children are especially vulnerable to adult crimes so their safety is especially important to me. I support local youth groups and sports organizations throughout this county and donate regularly to national and local missing children programs. Bullying is not acceptable in any form and should be eliminated from our schools and the work place.

As many of my friends and supporters know, running for Sheriff is not new to me. When they ask me why I have persisted in this effort, I tell them it is because I truly believe I can make a real difference in bringing about the change needed in this county.

Previous campaign platforms were directed towards making the Sheriff’s department more accessible to the community while instilling a stronger sense of unity within the department, and building trust and cooperation with those citizens we are sworn to serve.

As a hardworking, tax-paying resident of Berkeley County for over 35 years, a retired Martinsburg Police Officer with ten years of law enforcement experience and a successful businessman for twenty plus years, I know I have the life experiences that are needed to be an effective Sheriff for Berkeley County.

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My Platform – Making effective change a reality

Change theory is a practice used by many businesses to focus effective change within large entities. The base premise of this theory suggests that for any real “effective change” to take place you must first alter the existing culture that sustains the status-quo.  See: Roger’s Change Theory

I intend to implement effective change strategies on many of the long-term, deeply embedded departmental concerns and community relations issues, then work directly with all the parties involved to develop specific plans to address each specific issue.

My campaign platform highlights a few of the issues I intend to address as Sheriff of Berkeley County.

Increase pressure on local dealers and drug traffickers using aggressive interstate interdiction. Work closely with the newly forming Narcotics Intelligence Unit and The Task Force, as well as other state and federal agencies.

Vigorously employ the use of the drug courts and alternative sentencing options. Work with outreach programs, rehabilitation centers, home confinement and Day reporting agencies.

Provide advanced training for our deputies and allow our officers to fully work a crime scene. Expand the use of technology and social media apps for citizens to report community crime.

This county has a moral obligation to do everything possible to protect our children. As sheriff I would create a bullying prevention program, designed to reduce bullying and child victimization. I will continue to work with D.A.R.E and the Handle With Care programs.

  • Seek fiscal responsibility and accountability..

Insist on departmental financial transparency while maintaining an open door policy and apply the hands-on supervision necessary for all daily activity.

  • Apply strict guidance to address budgetary concerns..

Make the budget a priority, initiate a line-by-line audit, implement competitive bidding and apply a ‘use vs need’ scale with every vendor.

  • Work closely with the County Assessor’s Office..

Identify individuals who are not paying their fair share, such as permanent residents using out-of-state registration to avoid paying local tax.

  • Streamline the Tax Office..

Implement modern, acceptable, cost-cutting practices while significantly increasing productivity.

  • Seek new opportunities to contract our deputies for private functions..

Find new sources of revenue to supplement the Sheriffs discretionary fund that will ultimately help reduce the tax burden on our community

  • Continue to build up our Deputy Reserve program..

Grow the current reserve program and better train and give existing reserve deputies the recognition they deserve.

  • Represent ALL the taxpayers of this county..

Respecting every citizen and making their problems my problems. I believe we are all in this together, and TOGETHER we can all make our county the best county in West Virginia.

Contact me..

Please contact me directly with any questions you might have regarding my candidacy. Your thoughts, ideas and suggestions are important to me. Thank you!

Poll – Should Berkeley County Deputies Carry Narcan?

Deputies are often first to arrive on scene at a medical emergency presenting a unique opportunity to have an immediate impact on the effects of an opioid overdose. 

I strongly believe the Sheriff’s Department should equip our deputies with this life-saving medication. Your participation in this poll will help show how our visitors feel. Thank You!

Should Berkeley County Deputies carry Narcan?

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